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    “UP WORDS” is a magazine dedicated to the inspiring journeys of people from all walks of life living in all areas of the world. Each cover story in the magazine focuses on people who,often against great odds, inspire hope in others through their story or journey.The cover story is complemented by various sections such as entrepreneurship, education,art, music, folk world, lifestyle, sports and spirituality- all of which highlight positivity.


    Our world is filled with so much negativity and violence. And because of that individuals from all walks of life tend to forget that what gets us through the dark days are stories of hope.

    “UP WORDS" stories of hope are those that say to the reader, “look what he or she has done; I too can do that.” “UP WORDS” also intends to differentiate itself from others by researching and telling the inspirational stories of the ordinary individual.The ordinary individuals' stories tend to be neglected; yet they comprise the majority of the population across the globe.


    “UP WORDS” seeks to spotlight them, for they are the ones who will light the flames of tomorrow's generation. “UP WORDS” has something for everyone, young and old, male,female and individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. It seeks to build bridges of understanding, facilitate dialogue across society's divisions and build peace for tomorrow's generation.The magazine believes that life's limitations can inspire us to strive for heights we may not have reached otherwise.



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    "It's great to see, people who were totally unknown to us and then get to know Little more and get inspired a lot more. These are the real unsung heroes of life. Special mention to the one whom I look forward to is @rashmi tambe. Please continue your efforts so that the whole world can know about it. Great work guys."

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    "I love the passion behind what you guys do. I really enjoy the stories and the concept. Very cool! You got my 5 stars."

  • Meet The Ambassadors

    The Amazing Global Ambassadors Who Rep UPWORDS Big Time!

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    Tammy Collins Markee

    Brand Ambassador (USA)

    Tammy Collins Markee is an International Human Rights Activist, Radio Show Host Entrepreneur, and Writer. Tammy is a Radio Host (Tammy Collins Markee Radio Show) sponsored by Millionaires in Training Radio with Co-Host John Shamburger. Also, she is appointed Ambassador to We Care for Humanity by Princess Maria Amor. Tammy is the Business Manager/Literary Agent to HRH Yomi Garnett, MD, Celebrated Host of the Voice America Talk Show, "Dream The Life; Live The Dream." Tammy is a Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine (Dynasty of Dreamers), Also, She is the Co-Author, of "Dreaming the Dream" and "The Princess In YOU."

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    Tony Taylor

    Brand Ambassador (USA)

    Tony Taylor an Actor, Model, Musician, Motivational Speaker, Singer, Ambassador, Composer, Creative Networker and Humanitarian. He is a suave man of pure sophistication, and simply a class act who is of ever-evolving in the field of mass media entertainment. He is the Mr. Golden Global 2017. In 2014, he made his theatrical stage debut portraying renowned gospel singer and pastor Donnie McClurkin in the ground breaking stage play, "A Cry For Help!" He also had another big break 2015 in California in the full length movie titled, Life of Gia. This amazing film, based on a true story, is by Roman Simon Production and Lucky Strike Films !

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    Alex Okoroji

    Brand Ambassador (Nigeria)

    Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress & Multiple Award Winning Media Personality - currently ranked as One of the 'Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World by Richtopia, - She is the Creator of The NAKED Philosophy & CEO of The BRAG Media Company. Honoured with a Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award. a Peace Achievers Award and a WEF Iconic Woman Award. She is listed as one of 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List) and was spotlighted as a 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, a 2016 Guardian Woman, RB Magazine Blogger of the Season (Spring 2015), an International contributor to THE HUFFINGTON POST.

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    Co-Editor/ Brand Ambassador (USA)

    Authorpreneur/Speaker/ Business Consultant 

    President/CEO - JNF Enterprises, LLC.

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    "Excellent! Great articles Love the article with Sammie Lee Hill! He is a great interview and you did an amazing job telling his story. I also LOVE THE TITLE OF YOUR MAGAZINE! BRILLIANT! I WILL READ MORE ARTICLES HENCEFORTH."

  • Meet The Team

    The Amazing Global Team Who Make UPWORDS Happen!

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    Abhijit Ganguly


    Abhijit Ganguly, is an extensively published journalist based in Kolkata, India. His stories cover the global arts scene and the fusion arts movement with the culture and art of India. Ganguly’s work includes personal interviews with world renowned dance troupes, film directors, fine artists, sculptors, as well as

    jazz, hip hop and classical musicians. He is known for presenting an inside view of the artist's craft and what motivates their creativity. Ganguly also delves into the artist's take on what a young person in Kolkata can learn from each artist, so that the youth of the city can learn to master these skills.

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    M. A. Raavi

    Creative Head

    Raavi is a creative artiste based in India. And serves as the head of the creative department- in charge of Upword magazine's beautiful layout, cover designs and branding elements.

    He started out with an early foray in to all things graphic, creating custom designs and working brand new materials to express the richness of outstanding people around the world.

    He likes to learn new things, experiment and works hard

    to improve his skills and use it to be more artistic in his work.

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